Recent DLT News Review: Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released and Coca-Cola Machine Accepts BTC

Recent DLT News Review: Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released and Coca-Cola Machine Accepts BTC

Switzerland and Belarus will exchange crypto regulations experience, Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 has been finally released, and crypto enthusiast has travelled the world with 1 BTC – these and other news are presented in the digest.

Switzerland Will Help Belarus with Development of Crypto Regulations

Belarus’ delegates and Swiss diplomats have met in Lausanne in order to share the experience in the DLT and crypto sphere.

Experts from Belarus have agreed to cooperate with the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Service regarding the crypto regulation.

According to the director of the Belarusian High Technologies Park Vsevolod Yanchevsky, Switzerland’s experience in creating the regulatory framework will help Belarus. Following the advice of Swiss regulators, the country plans to avoid possible risks and complications in the use of crypto coins.

New Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Is Released

The latest version of the Bitcoin Core – 0.17.0 – was finally released after seven months of development. It is the 17th generation of BTC’s original software client.

The new version of Bitcoin Core has been developed by 135 contributors. The upgrade has bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Among the new features there is a significant change in the way chunks are handled in the network. Now, with the help of new algorithm, adding transaction outputs together is easier.

Moreover, new version enables fast and easy creation and usage of wallets and introduces Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs).

Coca-Cola Machine Accepts BTC via LN

Crypto enthusiast Ricardo Reis has created a machine for selling Coca-Cola which accepts payments in BTC via the Lightning Network.

The used hardware includes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and water pump RS 385. Certain software and web solutions are needed as well.

To get the drink, a user has to scan the QR code which contains the BTC address of the machine. Then, the Lightning Network payment should be sent from the crypto wallet.

DLT Prototypes and Mashups Will Be Developed at the LongHash Hackathon

LongHash Hackathon – the crypto festival in Berlin – will unite the teams of 150 developers and hackers.

The participants will have to create the blockchain prototypes or mashups during the two days. The total amount of prizes equals 115 ETH.

The festival will also include presentations and workshops. It will take place on October 26th – 29th.

Crypto Enthusiast Travelled Around the World for 1 BTC

Rafael Hauxley has visited 18 countries for 1 BTC in his year-long journey.

Crypto enthusiast has bought 1 BTC in August 2017 for $4,724. When the price of the coin has risen to around $19k, he wanted to sell it to get profit. However, he changed his opinion and decided to travel.

Rafael has been to Switzerland, China, Philippines, France and many other crypto-friendly countries. He mostly paid with his crypto everywhere.

Now, the crypto traveller plans to release a movie about cryptocurrencies and their advantages as he has filmed a lot during his journey.

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