Presentations 2018

Gavin Smith
CEO of First Global Credit and AICoin
Jan Sammut
Blockchain & cryptocurrency investor and ICO advisor, CEO
About the speaker:   CEO at RefToken, the world’s first decentralized affiliate platform; СЕО at Launch Malta, a full stack ICO...
Valdo Petronio
Wealth and Asset Manager Solutions
Over the past 25 years, I have acquired a broad investment banking (Citibank), asset management (Dexia Asset Management) and wealth...
Daniele Bernardi
Founder Phitoken
Born in 1969, Automotive Engineer, Daniele Bernardi is a serial-entrepreneur constantly searching for innovation. Chairman of DIAMAN Sicav and CEO...
Raja Sharif
Chief Executive Officer at FarmaTrust
Olga Feldmeier
CEO at Smart Valor
Olga Feldmeier is CEO & founder of SMART VALOR, a Swiss-based blockchain start-up building a decentralized marketplace for tokenized alternative...
Vladislav Sapozhnikov
Co-Founder and CEO of Deex.Exchange
Msc Banking and Finance Higher School of Economics, Bsc Banking and Finance London School of Economics, co-founder of Predprocessing Ltd, the...
Jean-Marc Seigneur
Online Reputation Management (ORM) Expert at Réputaction
Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur has been researching Sybil attack-resistant decentralized systems at the University of Geneva since 2005 after obtaining his...
Martins Liberts
Co-founder & CEO at Debitum Network, Public Speaker
Martins Liberts − a technology entrepreneur and visionary, transforming traditional industries by establishing and growing mature businesses based on the...
Malcolm Wilkinson
Chief Technology Officer at Healthureum
Peter Mitchell and Christopher Murrer
Associates at Baker & McKenzie Zurich
Peter Mitchell is an associate in the International Tax and Wealth Management practice groups of Baker McKenzie Zurich. Peter recently...
Enrique Melero
Senior Consultant at Helvetia Fintech
Enrique Melero has 25 years experience working in Finance in large corporations. He is Economist by the University of Madrid...
Manuel Martin Marquez
Big Data Project Leader at CERN, Blockchain Expert and founder
Manuel is project leader for Big data streaming infrastructure and Internet of Things projects at the European Centre for Nuclear...
Aviya Arika
Head of Blockchain Innovation at Nir Porat & Co. Law Firm
Aviya Arika, Advocate, Head of Blockchain Innovation Porat & Co. Law. She professionally entered the online world through online gaming...
James Roy Poulter
James began his career in finance at EY, moving people, capital and companies around the world. He spent his time...
Douglas Azar
CEO Wealthinitiative
Douglas Azar has 14 years' experience in Banking in various locations (U.S.A, Middle East, Switzerland) including 8 years in Private...
Kir Kelevra
Head of Trading Wavesplatform
He became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2013 after receiving his first bitcoin at the price of 27$ as a gift....