New ICO tracking service from CoinDesk

New ICO tracking service from CoinDesk

Journalists call them token sales or initial coil offerings. No matter how they are called, ICOs have become an important fund-raising method for blockchain projects. ICO analytics has become a hot topic of CoinDesk publications as well as quarterly analytical materials of State Blockchain.

Currently, ICOs are bringing more funding to blockchain-based projects. Experts mention the following trends:

  • the increase of the share of crowd sales in comparison with venture capital;
  • rapid growth of deal size and volume;
  • the interest of investors is growing.

With time, the range of deployed platforms is expanding and the deal structure is changing. There is more and more data available for analysis and systematization.

Hence, the idea of a new service emerged – CoinDesk ICO Tracker. It is an information tool launched by CoinDesk. It tracks the global state of ICO ecosystem, allowing users to monitor the developments in this field. The data is illustrated, among other things, by diagrams.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland. New ICO tracking service from CoinDesk

The service helps to control expenditures and find new ICOs for investments. It allows finding data for complex market analysis: terms, sums, funds raised, and many other things. It can be tested here.

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